Scientific Advertising

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Advertising is so pervasive in our culture we rarely think to look back to the professionals who shaped what it is today. Thankfully, Claude C. Hopkins gave us Scientific Advertising.

Often referred to as the Father of Modern Advertising Strategy, Claude C. Hopkins may not be as well-known as some of the other advertising pros like David Ogilvy, yet he ran in those circles. In fact, David Ogilvy endorsed Scientific Advertising.

Claude C. Hopkins was an industry leader with revolutionary concepts that made brands become household names. His principles still apply today - even as the world's gone digital.

Download a FREE copy of Scientific Advertising now! Pick your cover. Choose from Art Deco as a nod to the popular style during Claude's era or Urban to come full circle to today.

For an initial chat on how Scientific Advertising may apply to your brand, please contact The Foxy Marketing Club